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Symbolic Process in Sandplay Therapy - David Capitolo, LMFT, CST-T

  • Redwood Room 1001 Anderson Boulevard Davis, CA (map)

This Fundamentals III training will take place in Davis, CA.

This course on symbolic process and symbols is based on Dora Kalff’s Introduction to Sandplay Therapy. Kalff developed a Jungian based play therapy with children and adolescents This form of imaginal play invites access to contents of the unconscious in the “free and protected space” of the therapeutic relationship. Learn how the sandplay process expresses itself in a symbolic language in sandplay and play therapy practice and is often related to religions, myths, fairytales, literature, and art. Figures in the therapist’s sandplay collection selected by the client represent archetypes or unconscious materials that are specific to their therapeutic process, reflecting issues or themes that will assist in their healing and path towards individuation. Participants will experientially learn to amplify symbolic meaning they will see in a sandplay case presentation and use research source materials for symbolic meaning.   

Learning Objectives: This workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Define and differentiate both symbols and signs you encounter in sandplay and play therapy.
  2. Place sandplay in a context of play; culturally, historically and therapeutically.
  3. Identify symbols that represent archetypes and key unconscious material specific to the patient.
  4. Describe the basic concept of transcendent function in resolving opposites as seen in the case material.
  5. Understand the Jung’s theory of individuation and how it applies to sandplay and play therapy.
  6. Amplify and research symbols and their meaning found in sandplay and play therapy cases.

DAVID CAPITOLO, MFT, CST-T is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with offices in San Rafael and San Francisco. He is a Teaching Member (CST-T) of Sandplay Therapists of America and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy. He teaches sandplay and the language of symbols, presents at sandplay conferences nationally and internationally, and has published several articles in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy. He is interested in fathering and initiation into manhood rituals and sharing stories, myths, and legends applicable to sandplay.